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MACC should stop giving excuses on Taib inaction

MACC should stop giving excuses on Taib inaction

Malaysian anti-corruption urged to reopen Sarawak corruption probe

The Bruno Manser Fund is calling on the Malaysian judiciary to reopen a criminal investigation against Sarawak Governor Taib Mahmud who has been accused of massive corruption and the abuse of state assets to his own benefit.

“Taib Mahmud has systematically used his family members and cronies to conceal illegal business activities“, said Lukas Straumann, the executive director of the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund. “The Taib family established an elaborate fraud and money-laundering scheme in which Taib’s siblings and his children have a key role.“

A seven-year investigation by the Bruno Manser Fund identified hundreds of companies across the globe with dodgy financial connections to the Taib family. “Sakto Corporation in Canada is one of these companies and has never seriously been looked into by the MACC.“

“We are shocked to learn that MACC chief commissioner Mohd Shukri Abdull claims that Taib never took decisions just because he left the room during meetings. It is wrong to assert that Taib’s inferiors acted without instructions when granting Taib family members timber concessions and land leases for oil palm plantations.“

Straumann called for the MACC to dig deeper: „Any timber tycoon in Sarawak would have to admit under oath that he paid bribes to Taib.“

On Tuesday, the MACC head said that the anti-corruption body had initiated 15 separate investigations and that “there was truth in some of the allegations made against Taib“. He however claimed that no charges could be pressed against Taib because he never chaired a meeting and thus “somebody else“ made the decisions.

(05 July 2018)

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