Wood declaration - Stop IKEA's cheap tricks!

Wood declaration - Stop IKEA's cheap tricks!

IKEA products contain illegal wood from forests requiring protection

The furniture giant IKEA does not have its supply chain under control. The production of cheap furniture is destroying valuable and pristine forests. Thousands of chairs made from illegal wood are sold in IKEA shops around the world. The wood comes from the Ukrainian Carpathian Forest, which is known for its old beech forests and rich biodiversity. IKEA hides the true origin of the wood used in its products by using misleading declarations of origin. This is a systematic violation of the Swiss wood declaration law!

IKEA is the world's largest consumer of wood and sources around 60% of its raw material from Eastern Europe and Russia. This includes countries like Ukraine and Romania, where corruption and illegal logging have been widespread for years. An investigation by the British NGO Earthsight shows that illegal wood from the Ukraine is found in some of the best-selling IKEA chairs. Although IKEA has opened an investigation, it continues to sell the questionable products in its outlets. Sign the petition now to put an end to these activities!

In Switzerland, the obligation to declare wood has been in place since 2012. This obliges companies to clearly indicate the type and the origin of the wood used in a product. But our investigation in five IKEA outlets in Switzerland revealed that IKEA is systematically violating the law: One in four dining tables bears no information on the origin of the wood. In the case of chairs, not a single product is declared unambiguously. IKEA does not want its customers to know where the wood for their cheap furniture comes from.

With the petition, we are asking IKEA to stop selling any products with dubious wood origin, to fully implement the wood declaration law and to end the business with cheap furniture. IKEA's business model is based on the production of short-lived, disposable furniture. IKEA's demand for wood increases by one million cubic meters per year. This has direct consequences for the last intact forests on earth. IKEA must finally accept responsibility for its entire supply chain and abandon the low-cost furniture business.

Support our campaign for the preservation of the Carpathian Forest and sign the petition today!

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